But first, let's talk saving time and remaining compliant.

My highest time saver recommendation is the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo.  You can print mailing labels and postage from the same machine, and you get a discount on postage!  You simply use your Dymo desktop software to purchase "postage credits" - as you print the postage, they just take them out of your credits.

It even prints postage for postcards / letters / large envelopes / packages / Flat Rates. Costs about $140 on Amazon.com This little machine has saved me hours of time each month, not having to go to the post office. I print all my client's names on these labels and affix them to their envelopes for storage.

When you get this printer, you can sign up for Endicia.com (your printer will auto-link you to it). At Endicia, you can buy postage "credits" at a discount (less than what you'd pay at the USPS). This also saves me a TON of time.


Since I do a lot of packages, both large and small, I also bought a very simple scale. This gem weighs items as light as 0.1 oz to up to 110 pounds!  It's the Smart Weigh ACE110 - about $32 bucks.
I hope all of you are placing your client files in folders, and storing them in metal filing cabinets. I shouldn't have to say this, but if you aren't, you need to start, right now.   I place the client's last name then their first name and file alphabetically by last name.

I also write or type out any notes that I may want to remember about the client on the front (I use the Dymo labels!). Any notes, presentation notes, applications and Scope of Appointment forms go into their file. The files are then placed into my metal filing cabinets - for AT LEAST 10 YEARS!

NOTE: filing cabinets are expensive. I got mine for free, a neighbor was tossing them out. Ask around, or scour Craigstlist.com - they don't have to look perfect, just functional. I keep my file cabinets in my office right next to my desk for easy access.

If you want to get the MOST out of your tax deductions, watch this free webinar!  

I have always followed Sandy and love the new app. I'm not a CPA and I strongly urge you to at least try this new app, I use it and and LOVE it - just take a photo of your receipts and the app works it's magic. This app also tracks your mileage for you - automatically!  I upgraded to the full course they offer and I get some amazing value from it as well - it's worth its weight in gold.

If you have kids, filing, organizing and cleaning your office is PERFECT for paying your kids to do. I have my 11 year old go through all my files and relabel them (I used to hand write files), and reorganize them (some get out of place).  She shreds any duplicates she fines, or combines multiple folders for the same client etc. etc. etc. 

For 2018, you can pay your child up to $12,000 per year without triggering any taxes that they would pay.  You can decide what to do with that $12,000 (you are the parent after all)...if you're in the 30% tax bracket, this single idea should save you approximately $3,600 per year PER CHILD in federal taxes. I have 3 kids old enough to qualify, so I will save at least $14,000 in 2018!

You work too hard to overpay your Federal taxes...DON'T OVERPAY and SHIELD yourself from any audits...get this app!

You should consider using BOTH:

  Look At Mine

If you're a good artist, and know HTML, you can make your email signature line look just as good. But since 2007 I've used Signasource.  It's so easy, it tracks usage and clicks. It's only $9/mo or $81 when you pay yearly.  You can tastefully add links to your email that don't look spammy.

You can edit your email at anytime and it integrates into:


AMERITAS- get appointed now.

SLAICO - get appointed now.

View Dental Opportunity Details Here (PDF)

Both of these companies give you a quoting website for free, view mine here or view this one

For normal sales: Offer to sign them up with a dental plan if they don't like the ones offered with their MAPD or Supplement. I always ask at least 1x in each presentation as some people don't want the particular DHMO offered with the Supp or MAPD.

For offering Spend Down Services:  SLAICO really expensive dental plans that help me offer spend-down limits from $7 to as high as $425 per month!  There are 42 different price points for their dental plans. This allows the Medicaid consultant to select the exact amount they need to spend down. You must have plenty of price points because most spend-down clients can't spend any more than what they have to in order to qualify for certain levels of Medicaid.

FOLLOW UP? With an email drip campaign, you can always add a link at the bottom of your emails with a hotlink back to your dental quoting website, as well as a dental quoting button on your website.

MAKE IT EASY: I pre-fill my writing ID and fax number onto the application (using PDFEscape) and save it as a PDF.  Then I send these PDF applications to my Medicaid "helpers" and they simply fax me completed apps as they need them processed.  I simply forward the SLAICO apps onto Morgan White...it's that simple!

What? Pet insurance?   Yup...why?  79 MILLION households have a dog or cat, I tend to believe that a good % of that are seniors! 

Don't worry, there's nothing to learn or sell - yay!  Just join the affiliate programs for these companies and use the affiliate links in your marketing (bottom of your emails / drips / banner on your website etc).  Over time, you'll start seeing some extra cash each month from these policies, it's not a lot, but I'll take anything I can get.  I like the first one the best, it has a multi-company search engine: