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Pre-Register To Be Notified When We Open Our Beta Testing!

Once we launch the Beta version, you can join for free and get in our Affiliate Program as well (also free!). If anyone lands on the site from your Affiliate Link, they will be yours for 120 days (that's a huge cookie for you!), regardless if they sign up now or not. Your referral must sign up within 120 days of first visiting it for you to earn credit. Free accounts must upgrade to a paid account within 120 days for you to receive credit. Our first affiliate commissions will be paid in March for February's sales. We will skip January due to an expected high rate of refunds (we move from Beta to "Live" in January - and some users may forget that we will start charging them).  We will mitigate this situation the best we know how, with lots of communication and announcements about the switch over from "free Beta" membership fees commencing (we will always offer a Free membership level - see pricing grid below). AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS for the Insurance Broker Network are 20% recurring lifetime, paid monthly!
  • Basic Accounts - $12.00 Monthly / $120 Annually
  • Pro Accounts - $16.00 Monthly / $160 Annually
  • Elite Accounts - $99 Monthly / $990 Annually
  • VIP Accounts - $495 Monthly / $4,950 Annually
Refer just 5 Basic accounts and earn $144 per year in referral commissions! That's enough for a FREE Basic account forever! We will announce by email when the site is functional enough to go into Beta testing (live...but in beta).

I'm excited to launch this site and happy to have you along!