Earning is one thing, keeping most of it is another...the tax-happy government & states play by a set of rules designed for big corporations...but now you have the power to structure your business so you:
  1. Generate money
  2. Spend the money
  3. Pay taxes on what's leftover

Check out this FREE Taxbot webinar above...it will change the way you think about taxes!

I use the app, and it's fantastic! It's saves me HOURS each week...

I AUTOMATE EVERYTHING...including sending out birthday cards, and follow up sequences to new clients (Thank You cards etc). If you haven't heard about Send Out Cards (SOC), it's fantastic, and relatively inexpensive considering it's Automated. 

Here's my SOC Site>>>

They updated their system in April of 2018 moving to a Free, Good, Better, Best monthly payment model, which now offers unlimited card sending on the top 2 subscription models.

There is a free account so you only pay when you send a card, or you can purchase a monthly account. You can even use your own handwriting, upload photos, insert gifts etc. I'm on an unlimited monthly plan that allows me to send unlimited cards (also includes postage) to as many people as I want...you may just hear from me soon.  Watch this video about some of the benefits.

Here's What I Send Brand New Clients:

  • 2 Cards
    • FIRST: sent within 2 days of signing -  "Thank You" card - only my signature, phone and company name is how I sign it.
    • SECOND: sent within 30 days - "Referrals" Themed card - thank them again, ask for referrals, all my details included w/my photo
Here's What I Send People That Referred New Clients To Me:
  • 1 Card
    • I send a $25 gift card with my sincere thanks, and I mention who the referral was that I received from them
Here's What I Send Existing Clients
  • Birthday Cards - I have this automated in my SOC account. I set up a new birthday card in early January, everyone gets the same card throughout the year.  It's normally a colorful birthday themed card, I put all my info in it, but it does focus on them, I just want them to remember who the heck I am, so I put my photo in there too.
  • Special Occasions / Loss - If I hear about a special occasion (anniversary, new grandchild etc), I'll send a card. These are really quite speratic as I only send them when I hear about good news.  I also send a sympathy card if I hear their spouse, loved one, pet etc. has passed.

Now that I have unlimited card sending for one low rate (new to SOC in 2018), I will send a TON more throughout the year. I'll target months by last names - example would be all last names A-B-C will get a "how you doing" card in January, all last names with D-E-F will get cards in February etc.  I'll pre-write the message for my campaigns(if you think about it, you only need to write 1 or 2 new messages per year!).

I'm a huge believer in having MAPD's and PDP premiums removed directly from SS checks.  If the client isn't taking SS yet, or refuses, direct them towards a Bank Draft (auto pay each month).

For Supplement plans, I push fairly hard on this.  I kind of just assume they will by saying...."all I need now Mr. Jones is a voided check for the insurance company.  They'll automate the payments for you."   Sometimes they'll refuse, and that's fine.  I do try to handle their objection once without being pushy.

Here's my reasoning, your income is tied directly to how long people stay on plans. If someone dropped for non-payment, there goes your income. This is the stupidest reason to have your paycheck reduced. You have enough variable eating away at your bottom line, relying on someone to pay THEIR bill so you can get paid is close to criminal.

I stress several benefits to doing this:

  • Some Supplements actually give you small discount when they do direct withdraw
  • Eliminates stress in worrying to remember to send out the payment
  • Saves you the time of writing a check and the cost of a stamp
  • If you're travelling or held up in the hospital for an extended period, you can rest easy knowing this vital payment is current

I always send a letter to my entire book of business in early September, warning them about impending changes (to be on the lookout for their ANOC letters).  I include 2 business cards and a magnet.  I ask them to hand them out to people that may need help during AEP and to call me if their ANOC letter is beyond their scope of comprehension. 

So, this is something I don't automate, I do this all myself, and it sucks.  I have yet to find an automation service to do 800 to 1500 pieces, at a reasonable rate.  I force my kids to do most of it, but I help as well and it pisses me off.

I do pre-print my letter, this way it's full color and folded (tri-fold) for me, I just slip it into the pre-printed envelops and seal them.  I print my return address on the envelope, and apply labels of my customers (I do an excel mail merge onto Avery labels). 1,000 tri-folds full color both sides is about $150 at GotPrint.com

I advertise to my own book of business on FB...why?  Because it's cheap, it works and it's really easy to do.  The more your face / name / message can be in front of your clients, the more they'll remember you, and contact you for renewals and referrals.

So here's what you do:
All your client emails should be on one central spreadsheet. Upload them to Facebook to create a custom audience. Then set up ads that target to your "custom audience"...that is, your book of business.  Only these people (your custom audience) will see your ad...so you can get kind of creative with them knowing that no other person on FB will see the ad, just your clients!

When To Do It:

  • AEP - In September when I send my letters, I also blast out a FB campaign that only my clients see, warning them of impending changes to Medicare, sometimes the ads are obviously me (with my photo / name etc, in the ad) other times, I'll create an ad that they DON'T know is me, and when they click it, it goes to my website (hidden page), with a video of me saying "Hi...remember me? Glad you stopped by..."  I simply review the fact they'll get a letter from me and their insurance company, and to contact me if they need to speak with me.
  • HUGE NEWS - I'll sometimes hold a teleconference / webinar if there's huge news in the Medicare world and I'll advertise to my clients to get onto my call.  This is few and far between, but it's a good way to show I have their best interest in mind.
  • ANNUAL DISENROLLMENT - From 1/1 to 2/14 I'll run about $5 worth of ads per day, targeting ONLY my clients.  I usually do it without letting them know it's me (until they click the ad and land on my website).  I'm pitching them on getting out of their MAPD's and getting into Original Medicare.  Remember, my philosophy is "I don't care what you buy for yourself, as long as you buy it from me..."  It shows that I'm knowledgeable about Medicare's rules, and builds trust with them that I'm "there" for them!
  • FIRST 5 DAYS OF DECEMBER - It's only 5 days, but I spend about $20 per day warning my clients of the final days of AEP...I don't advertise on 12/6 or 12/7 (too late by then - and I'm usually booked up already anyway).  My ads are usually in red, loud yellow/red warning signs, or a clock spinning fast indicating time is running out...

I love free stuff, and emails are FREE!  I'll send about 4 emails per year (to everyone, not including any drip sequences they received), with links to new content on my website, or a new video I put up.  I'll also ask for referrals in every single email (politely!).

I'll often throw in a recent photo of myself and my family / kids etc. Because I build so much report in my meetings, I often talk about their family and mine, so they already know I'm married with 4 young daughters.  It keeps the connection real, keeps it emotional, and I truly think for some of them, they give me their business because they feel sorry that I have so many mouths to feed!  Which is fine by me...

I can't put down into words how I feel about this, and how important this #1 "Paycheck Protector" is...just remember this - and make it your first priority.