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Bookmark this service, it converts PDFs into WORD docs for free! https://www.pdftoword.com/en/   You can simply download my files and move them into Word for editing if you don't have access to PDF editing software.

You should also use https://www.pdfescape.com to help edit PDF versions. You can add or delete pages, rearrange pages, white out, add text, photos etc.

This is a free tool I use all the time.

Medicare Made Easy You can upload this entire file into PDFescape and delete any page you want. This is the "free eBook" I offer on Facebook in exchange for their email address.

Medicare Ad - Color Photo Medicare Card Style

Medicare Ad - RX #1

Medicare Ad - RX #2

Free Medicare 1  this does not imply that we offer "Free Medicare" but rather free Medicare information!

Free Medicare 2

Free Medicare 3

Medicare Mailer - Age In






Warning Deadline

Meeting Flyer


- print in color at a copy store (14"x10") and mount with spray adhesive to white foam core board.  I use a few of these for any event I hold, I later added Arrows with velcro so I can turn the arrow left or right to direct people to my speaking area.

This is the sign I used with arrows. Medicare_Card_14x10

Here's my favorite:  Medicare Sign - it says "Ask Me", which does cause people to stop and ask questions.  I used it at a Walmart PDP sign up event one AEP and it helped a TON!  

WARNING: Using a "Medicare" sign like this is a gray area, and should not be used in a setting that you KNOW will have shoppers from Insurance companies, state officials or CMS (like at a Medicare Conference).


I often test different letters. These were two that returned enough interest to mail them again.

Your time is valuable - mail to P&C brokers, you can clip a crisp $1 bill to the top if you want Letter_to_pharmacists

I started targeting primary care doctor's offices in September with a direct mail piece. I mailed them 3 times throughout September & October.  I also found discount pens online and printed about 500 pens, I gave 3 pens inside each mailer as well as my card, this postcard and a magnet. These are the postcards I used:


insert-front - first mailing

insert-front-2018 - second mailing

I started printing a simplified "business card" on magnet material and love them!  I include a magnet inside of every letter I send. I hand them out to anyone that will take it, from pharmacists to Dr's offices, to new and old clients. The magnet below is 2"x3.5" - same size as a traditional business card.  They cost about 8 cents each when you buy 1,000 or about 12 cents when you print 500 (here's one printer: Uprinting.com)

View magnet artwork >>

  I use a free audio editing software called Audacity. Buy a digital mic and plug it into your computer. The results are stunning. This plays on my website or phone system and is a kind of "end of the funnel" recording. This is a simple VM message I use.all the time.

You are not supposed to apply stickers on Medicare sales books.  I do (yes, I'm a rule breaker). I apply these only after I meet with a client (either if I sell them a policy or not), I will ALWAYS apply this sticker to their book.  I used to staple my business card to the book, but this looks way more professional.

Thank_You_Sticker Artwork>>>

I also made this sticker to apply to "Thank You" gifts.  I printed 1,000 stickers on a white BOPP material. It measures 4"x3" - only costs $.20 cents per label, Cheap!  WARNING: For some idiotic reason, stickers on books like this are prohibited by CMS. I do not label books with this sticker unless I have personally met with the client face-to-face, or I'm mailing my client receipts (from a phone sale). I also use this sticker to close large envelopes when mailing receipts, thank yous, or applications. This is the sticker printer I use:  StickerGiant.com