Remember - the more content you share through blogs, eBooks, videos, emails etc., the more new customers will find their way back to you.  Every time you put out a piece of quality, shareable content, you edify yourself. You essentially add to your ARE the brand, you ARE the expert (in their eyes at least). Prospects are buying you!

Recording, uploading and publishing videos on YouTube is free. You can't beat free, guys!

Marketing Tip - 99% of seniors use the word "supplement" interchangeably with "advantage plan", they simply don't know the difference and will use the word "supplement" predominantly.  So in most of your marketing "speak", default to the word "supplement" when speaking about how you can help them obtain coverage.  Then you can go into details about all their options (or just the options you offer) when you meet or speak with them.

Create as many of these as you possible can...yes, they take some time to set up, but after that, it's "set it and forget it."

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These are actual emails that I have used, please change anything in red, and create a clickable link for anything in blue or where indicated. 

This follow-up series is designed as a general email drip campaign over 6 months with a total of 6 emails for a "general email drip" and a little quicker campaign for T65 leads (your window is smaller).  You can change anything about these as you like to fit your personality and business goals, add or delete entire emails, or add additional links.  One rule of thumb, the shorter the email the better, and always include a link back to your website in your signature line.

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