SEO - The Basics

This didn't make it into my presentation or original course, but I thought it was so important to at least shed some light on it, that I placed it here - and I do plan to add some more info over the next year or two. Enjoy!

Search Engine Optimization has been a buzz word for the past 15 years or so...and is CRITICAL that you understand what it is, and what it does.

Essentially it is a method of designing your website to meet the requirements of the search engines (mainly Google, and a distant 2nd is Bing). Google will rank your website higher based on Relevancy, Intrigue and Social Proof.

First of all, I'm NOT an SEO professional, I know just enough to get ranked, but I'm always learning as Google is constantly changing it's algo to make Google's search more relevant.  So if you do what Google asks of you and your website, Google will reward you with higher rankings.

If you're on WordPress, install the Yoast SEO plugin, it's free and it's widely used among WP users.